Cash Delton
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Gender male
Race human
Born 1313
Affiliation House claverian emblem
Rank Clavic lieutenant Lieutenant
Role Company Commander
Location Endendra, Clavermark
Appears in Outrider
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Cash Delton is a lieutenant in the Clavic army under Captain Bor Lerich. He is a platoon leader within Atlica Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division. Delton first appears in Outrider, as Lerich has been charged with investigating the incident at Wornspire and the disappearance of Serika. His unit made the most headway during that incident after capturing Talmage. Delton and his team also came the closest to finding Serika after killing all the Crimson slavers she was with.


Delton was born and raised in Endendra. After graduating from Officer Candidate Academy, Delton was assigned to the 41st Clavic Infantry Battalion at Camp Torringtal in Sonn Sethur. He lost his assignment after the son of a vassal Lord, Forden Raske stole his slot, and was reassigned to the 3rd Clavic Infantry Battalion at Fort Vralius.