According to the ancient mythology of the Befores, the world (Galwyndor) began as a giant stone (which was called Grellis, which was wise beyond compare. After many thousands of years, the stone became restless and began gnawing upon itself until earth was created. Grellis gnawed so much that he screamed in pain, which created the air. After much more time passed, Grellis became lonely and wept, which created the seas. The stone contemplated these things and conspired to create things which could benefit from his misery: he then made a great etherwood tree to enjoy the earth, an espitris to enjoy the air, the flidfish to enjoy the sea, and man to enjoy the ability to contemplate.

Grellis was quite satisfied with his creations until he realized that they each were soon wrought with the same loneliness and restlessness he had experienced. It was then that he created the gods: Drend of stone and earth, Orend of air, and Helirend of water. He made the gods wardens of each of their realms, and instructed them to fill their realms with as many creatures as they wanted, which they did. As a gift to Grellis, they each also created the sun (Drend), the moon (Orend), and the stars (Helirend).

Over time, Grellis created other gods as needs arose, leaving them to their own devices to maintain their collective creations. When the last of the gods was created, Grellis went to sleep to rest, leaving the gods in charge. While he slept, Helirend became enraged when one of Orend's creations ate one of his, and thus began the first altercation among the gods, who have been fighting, negotiating, tricking, plotting, conspiring, and making peace with each other ever since.

It is said that when Grellis awakes from his slumber, the gods will return the world to peace and prosperity.

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