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The Curella virus, also known as Black Sam, was a widespread pandemic that wiped out over 60% of the population of Galwyndor. There are two strains, Curella I and Curella II, with Type I being the most deadly. It was first discovered in 1322.2 from Wuerlan, and had spread to all corners of the continent within three months. It is interesting to note that the Curella epidemic's appearance coincided with the Backwards Moon, an occurrence that only happens once every 210 years.

In 1328.6, a Curella vaccine called Turmocet was distributed throughout the realm. By then, the virus had slowed considerably, but the vaccine worked.

After the virus was thought to have been eradicated for several years, a resurgence did occur in the small Averian township of Breversvig, the events of which are covered in Snowleaf (subchapter).