Edulon Dane
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Gender male
Race human
Born 1292-1336, age 44
Affiliation Outrider emblem
Rank Outrider emblem Outrider
Role Outrider
Location The Verges, Falingrad
Family Rinden Dane, Jinsa Surren Dane, Fever
Appears in Outrider
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Edulon Dane was the name of the first Outrider to appear in the Everwind Series. While having only a small role in even the first book, he is an extremely pivotal character; he was tasked with protecting and escorting Serika to safety, and he is inadvertently responsible for setting Venicus Mor on his journey. His home duty station was Outrider Station 81 in Falingrad. Edulon rides a horse named Fever, which ends up aiding Venicus Mor's escape from the Crimson slavers.


Edulon Dane is the younger brother of Rinden Dane, the founder of the Legion of Liberty. Born (1292) and raised in Prutherham, a tiny village in the country formerly known as Wuerlan, he joined the Wuer army at age 17 in 1309. During his service in the military in Derth, he married Jinsa Surren, who he'd met at a clinic while he was being treated for a broken rib he sustained during a training accident. Both he and his brother were already discharged when the Clavics invaded Wuerlan. He attained the rank of Sergeant First Class prior to discharge (leaving service in 1315), where he then entered service with the Outriders that same year. He was assigned to Outrider Station 81 in Falingrad, which suited him as it was close to his hometown.

He has never gotten over his brother abandoning him by leaving home when Edulon was younger. Because Rinden moved far away, Edulon feels sort of betrayed. He doesn't know Rinden Dane is involved in great things.