Emblems are logos, brands, crests, flashes, heraldry, and insignias which are worn to show affiliation with a group, organization, clan, etc. They are an important part in the culture of nearly every part of Lesser Galwyndor. Emblems are used to advertise social status and self-worth, and it is considered shameful to "go sleek" (not have one). Individuals without emblems are seen as lesser people in the social hierarchy, and it is assumed that those without emblems have not yet proven their worth to gain acceptance by any faction.

Groups can sometimes take extreme measures to enhance the reputation of their emblem to achieve specific effects. For example, the Crimson strive to instill fear at the sight of their emblem, while

The overwhelming need for social acceptance is so great that in the natural course of events, some enterprising individuals who struggled to earn emblems simply created their own groups and emblems. While these types may garner the immediate social standing of wearing an emblem versus not having one at all, it does nothing to account for the notoriety factor.

Emblem FraudEdit

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Emblem Fraud occurs when an individual wears or uses an emblem to a faction of which they don't belong. It is considered a serious offence; the universally accepted punishment for emblem fraud is left up to the offended faction.

Emblem GalleryEdit

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