This article is for the subchapter, if you are looking for the faction of the same name, see Legion of Liberty

Grimhall (subchapter)
LL title
Series Everwind
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Number Subchapter Two
Grimhall short cover
Author Janden Hale
Artist Janden Hale
Publisher Janden Hale
Date May 2012
Pages 18,136 words
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Grimhall is the second subchapter by Janden Hale set in the universe of the Everwind Series. It covers the events of the Herensel Legion of Liberty charter leading up to the rescue of Anya, the protagonist of Wornspire.


The Legion of Liberty's founding charter must sneak its way into Terismark to rescue the New Elid crew's sole remaining member after the others were executed. Their voyage nets them more than they bargained for.

Key CharactersEdit


  • This story was originally titled Legion of Liberty.
  • The original cover art was done by the author; it depicted the metallic pin emblem worn by members of the Legion of Liberty on a jacket made of red leather.
  • The emblem bears the Latin phrase Defendors Libertatis, which is interesting considering how Latin would be unknown to the stories' inhabitants.
  • While on the merchant vessel the Redsquall Slut, Sap acquires aradela and turalin from the cook, which were sold to the cook by Daron, which is mentioned in Arkaeni (subchapter).