Gruenormark current
Emblem House jerinsen emblem
Government Monarchy
Leadership House Jerinsen
Head of State Title King
Head of State Jogan 6
Citizenry Gruenor
Capitol Fairstone
Largest City Herensel
Allies House andergard emblem Ildoria emblem House turcott emblem Terismark emblem
Rivals House brant emblem House sable emblem Scurn emblem
Currency Lloan
Languages Canderian, Gruenish
Industry haers
Old Maps Gruenormark purge

Gruenormark is one of the oldest nations in Lesser Galwyndor, having been around since before the time of the Great Purge. It is ruled by the House Jerinsen from the seat at Fairstone.

People of Gruenormark are referred to as being "Gruenor".


Andermark, Ildoria, Terismark, and Lothlan are allies.


Averia, Aeryl, and Scurn are all rivals of Gruenormark. Gruenormark's embargo on Scurn elicited animosity from Averia, and because of Averia's close relationship with Aeryl, Aeryl followed suit.


Galwyndor political map

Gruenormark, shown in green.

Gruenormark is one of the great dynasties, having existed since before the time of the Great Purge. In fact, it was the Gruenor king, Devonian 3, who convinced the nations to form a coalition and partner with the Eari in order to rid the world of magic. This was following a decisive loss on the battlefield, which was decided by the presence of opposing battlefield mages.

Not long after Gruenormark forces took a command role in the Purge, Devonian was assassinated, and the House Jerinsen banner emblem was changed from a regular stallion to Thurreliot.


Gruenormark is made up of six provinces:

Major SettlementsEdit


Gruenormark is rich in culture. They pride themselves on being skilled at all things equine, especially riding. In fact, if someone falls off a horse in Gruenormark, they must apologize to the horse for being an unworthy rider or else they suffer bad luck. The Gruenor army is said to have the best caval (cavalry) in the world.


Sex and MarriageEdit


  • It is good luck to kill a snake.

Gruenor Military RanksEdit

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Gruenor Rank Insignias
Army Officer Shoulderboard Insignia
Gruenor 2lieutenant Gruenor 1lieutenant Gruenor captain Gruenor major Gruenor colonel Gruenor lt marshall Gruenor marshall
2nd Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel Lt. Marshall Marshall
Army Enlisted Insignia
Gruenor dragoon Gruenor dragoon1 Gruenor corporal Gruenor sergeant Gruenor sergeant1 Gruenor master sergeant Gruenor sergeant major
Dragoon Dragoon 1st Class Corporal Junior Sergeant Sergeant Senior Sergeant Sergeant Major
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