Haegan Ward
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Alias Shades
Gender male
Race human
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Affiliation Ravenhelm emblem
Rank Litus insignia Litus
Role Mercenary, Special Forces
Location The Verges, Ildoria
Features giant beard
Appears in Outrider
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Haegan Ward is a Litus of the Violet Helm. He participated in the rebellion during the Ildorian Revolution. Following the revolution, he went into exile with the remaining Violet Helm members and currently acts as a freelance mercenary in The Verges where he goes by the alias Shades.

He was the only one of his crew who left a wife and children behind when they fled the country. Because of this he is the most homesick of the four, however, he hides this fact by fraternizing with prostitutes. There is no one he can talk to about it, so he drinks. His family members include:

Haegan is noted for his boisterous personality and always getting into trouble. He is the largest and eldest remaining member of the Red Helm; occasional demotion accounts for the disproportion in age vs. rank.


Because he cannot read well, he loves collecting issues of the comic Creed of the Cutthroat. He is shown reading issue 239 in Outrider (book).

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