The timeline below lists the major events only.

Note - the years are colloquially shortened to the last four digits, rather than including all five, i.e. the year 11322 would be shortened to 1322. Secondly, the number following the decimal refers to the month, so 1322.2 would denote the 2nd month of the year 11322.

Recent HistoryEdit

Middle History (5000-11000)Edit

Ages of GalwyndorEdit

There have been six major ages in Galwyndor's history, each marked by a cataclysm, each named by the prevailing theme of the times.

Age Time Period Notes Key Events
Age of Influence (6th Age) (11322-present) change in paradigm towards Influism Black Sam, Clavic Empire
Age of Chaos (5th Age) (04887-11322) like the Dark Ages 5th Great War, Aerylothian Civil War
Age of Temperance (4th Age) (03259-04887) backlash from the 3rd Great War The Great Purge, 4th Great War
Age of Emperors (3rd Age) (01977-03259) empirical warfare dominates 3rd Great War
Age of Alliance (2nd Age) (01242-01977) social, economic, political warfare 2nd Great War
Age of Uprising (1st Age) (antiquity-01242) people vs. oppression 1st Great War
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