The Ildorian Revolution was a rebellion led by Sceratus Treylin Greyfell and his Ravenhelm unit in an attempt to reinstall King Davvis of Doria on the throne at Whitehall after of House Doria was thought to have been assassinated by Rior of Jeglund of the Thronehelm. The Revolution began in the 3rd month of the year 11324 and ended in the 8th month of the year 11327.


In the ninth month of the year 1323, Rior Jeglund, a member of the Thronehelm, executed a detailed plot to assassinate the royal family in order to install a Preceptocracy in the wake of the Curella epidemic. The plot was designed by Rior's father Brus of Jeglund, along with the heads of the other vassals. In a single night Rior and several non-Thronehelm companions murdered the royal family (all but Davvis of Doria, who managed to escape) and Brus Jeglund, the wealthiest of the vassals, assumes full control over Ildoria. He is crowned king, disbands the Thronehelm, and burns all members except Rior at the stake. Meanwhile, vast resources are spent to located the missing Davvis Doria.

Davvis, the rightful king and only surviving member of House Doria, located Sceratus Treylin Greyfell of the Violet Ravenhelm to inform him of the Treason. Greyfell places Davvis under the custody of Dercan Alevsso, a Litus under his command, who escorts Davvis into hiding until he can be reinstated. This change of responsibility results in Dercan by default becoming the first person in history to serve as both Ravenhelm and Thronehelm.

Once Davvis is assuredly safe, Greyfell and the rest of his unit begin a rebellion to retake control of Ildoria. The war lasts until 1327.8; during the revolution, the other vassals secretly conspire to aid the Ravenhelm to get revenge on Brus Jeglund for betraying them. When they finally overthrow Jeglund, Greyfell realizes the vassals had used them to win back the power they once sought to have. The vassals then assume control over the country before Davvis can be reinstated as king, ordering all remaining Ravenhelm to be burned at the stake to prevent any further interference.

Greyfell and his men are forced into exile, unable to save the other Ravenhelm. Mercenaries follow them to the hidden location of Dercan and Davvis, killing them both; the mercenaries all die in the process. Greyfell and the remaining three members of his unit leave Ildoria and go into hiding in The Verges, working as mercenaries themselves.