Jurius Mantheon
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Alias Nine
Gender male
Race human
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Affiliation Ravenhelm emblem
Rank Calitus insignia Calitus
Role Deputy Commander, Mercenary, Special Forces
Location The Verges, Ildoria
Family Nibble
Features missing right ring finger
Appears in Outrider
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Jurius Mantheon is the Calitus of the Violet Helm. He participated in the rebellion during the Ildorian Revolution. Following the revolution, he went into exile with the remaining Violet Helm members and currently acts as a freelance mercenary in The Verges, where he goes by the alias of Nine; he is missing the ring finger of his right hand. He has a pet tekira named Nibble. He is obsessed with having a clean-cut appearance, and is the only one of his group that shaves regularly.

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