Linnish Eron

The Linnish Eron is the currency of Linmark.

In Outrider, Venicus Mor is sold to Crimson slavers for a sack of 12 Linnish erons.

Coin DesignEdit

It features a relief of a sun and the words "Equitarchy of Linmark", along with "Est. 11327".

Official Currencies and Exchange Rates
Region Currency Image Abbreviation Compared to Clavic Gildan 100 CLG
House claverian emblem Clavic Gildan Clavic Gildan CLG 1 CLG = 1 CLG 100.00
House turcott emblem Cupura Cupura LCP 1 CLG: 0.6322 LCP 63.22
House brant emblem Aerylite Gildan Aerylite Gildan ALG 1 CLG: 0.6534 ALG 65.34
House sable emblem Averian Shriff Averian Shriff AVS 1 CLG: 0.7453 AVS 74.53
House jerinsen emblem Lloan Lloan GLL 1 CLG: 0.8179 GLL 81.79
House andergard emblem Anderian Pound Anderian Pound ADP 1 CLG: 0.8321 ADP 83.21
House elund emblem Prauli Eron Prauli Eron PRE 1 CLG: 1.5351 PRE 153.51
Terismark emblem Teris Teris TER 1 CLG: 1.8919 TER 189.19
Ildoria emblem Ildorian Gildan Ildorian Gildan ILG 1 CLG: 2.0693 ILG 206.93
Linmark emblem Linnish Eron Linnish Eron LER 1 CLG: 7.6532 LER 765.32
Scurn emblem Scurnish Shriff Scurnish Shriff SSH 1 CLG: 12.178 SSH 1217.80
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