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Gender male
Race human
Born 1266
Role Arcaeni
Location Victurus Palace
Appears in Outrider
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Niril is one of Emperor Vralius's three Arcaeni advisors. He is the oldest of the three and the most skilled, though the other two believe him to be the least skilled because that is the persona he wants to portray. He is also the least manipulative of the three. He served as the 14th Head of the Arcaeni Order from 1284-1285, being the best choice at the time; he never wanted the position, however, so he abdicated when his successor, Theopholus, could replace him. Theopholus had been away in search of lost texts in the bowels of the ancient Immortal City.

Niril is described as looking the most like a wizard of the three, and having a general lack of concern for hygiene. Because of this, Aridessa does not like to collaborate with him, as she can't stand the smell.

He is skilled in alchemy and ancient religions and cultures.