Ravenhelm emblem
Leader Treylin Greyfell
Status disbanded
Location Ildoria
Motto Ravens never far.
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The Ravenhelm are an elite group of Ildorian soldiers who specialize in infiltrating enemy territory, espionage, psychological warfare, and guerrilla tactics. They played a leading roll in the recent Ildorian Revolution, led by Sceratus Treylin Greyfell and his Violet Helm unit. As a rule, there are always 33 men assigned to Ravenhelm, with two functioning as a command element (First Helm and Second Helm), and the rest broken up into four teams of 6-8 men. The Ravenhelm were disbanded following the revolution, with all but four members being burned at the stake. Their mottos is "Ravens never far", to signify that wherever they go, death is sure to follow.

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The following rank insignias were only worn when in garrison in formal military attire. The Ravenhelm brassard emblem (as featured above) was worn only in garrison or while not on missions. On missions they wore no identifying insignia.

Ravenhelm Rank Insignias
Ravenhelm Officer and Enlisted Rank Ensignias
Enslisted Insignias Officer Insignias
Litus insignia Praelitus insignia Calitus insignia Sceratus insignia Second helm insignia First helm insignia
Litus Praelitus Calitus Sceratus Second Helm First Helm

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