Sigilus the Overseer
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Alias The Overseer
Gender male
Race human
Born 1287
Affiliation Lightsprawl emblem
Role Overseer
Location unknown
Family Trinna, Dessie
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Sigilus is a high-ranking member of religious extremist group called the Lightsprawl. His official title is "the Overseer", and he orchestrated and led the massacre at Wornspire in the opening chapter of Outrider.


Sigilus was born in 1287 in a small town in northern Gruenormark called Priest Hill; an accomplished rider, he was recruited into the Gruenor army where he held the esteemed responsibility of training their caval riders. At some point he was asked by King Jogan 6 himself to enter into the service of Lord Jamesen of Erbane as his House's trainer. There he remained, losing both his wife, Jinna, and his daughter, Dessie, to the Curella virus. He managed to escape death during the extermination of House Erbane by suffering a fall and being dragged away from the danger. In the aftermath of the massacre, he received a mysterious letter and had a vision, after which he formed the Lightsprawl Order. He was the first to be called into service by the Lightsire.