VAPER is the acronym for an advanced personal assault weapon manufactured by Burling & Mason Technologies, mostly used by Triple S corporation and some militaries. It stands for "variable assault photon energy rig." The weapon is an arm-mounted energy projector, like a rifle, that uses "variable-output energy cartridges", or VECs, as ammunition, which are color-coded according to their function. It also requires standard protocells for power. The current sociological and economical climate of Galwyndor makes these weapons (and other proto-powered devices) less common, as protocells are not only rare, but difficult to recharge.

VEC SettingsEdit

  • red - tranquilizer
  • white - cold
  • orange - heat
  • green - nausea
  • black - oxygen depletion
  • blue - electricity charge
  • yellow - sonic

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